Operating Positions over the years

1998 thru 2008
This is my ham shack back in the 90″s.

This is my tower and beam from that period.


Ham Operations 2010
My 1st station at this location. This position was somewhat makeshift, and unorganized. But, I was on the air. I was using a ground mounted vertical, and a dipole.

Ham Operations 2012
I Built a new desk
I built a new desktop with a second level shelf. This was much more organized. Displayed is a Kenwood TS950SDX, Drake T4XB and R4B, and a Heathkit SB-1000 amp.

Present Day
Added a 3rd Level
A third level was added to put 2M and 6M radios on top left corner. Also, the Drakes are gone and replaced with a Flex 6300. I now have 2 monitors, and trying to figure out where to put a third one.